iPhones Still Popular Among Teens


In terms of flexibility, affordability and sheer performance no smartphone operating system can beat Android. This OS can run on different platforms, may it be cheap entry level phones to the costly yet very powerful flagship smartphones. This operating system is used on multimedia set tops and it can even run on your old desktops thanks to Jive’s Remix OS. But why does a lot of people still prefer getting an iPhone when we all know that it is an overpriced phone with lots of limitations.

iPhones may look cool to some but we have to admit that there are a lot of Android smartphones which are par or even better than the iPhone in the looks department.
We can safely say that Apple, or the late Steve Jobs, was a marketing genius. He had put this phone in the position where people will think that they are in or cool if you own any devices sold by Apple. This trend has come a long way and still shows no signs of waning.

According to Piper Jaffray’s recent survey, 65% of the 6500 teens they questioned wanted their next phone to be an iPhone. These teens cited that the reason for them wanting a new iPhone is its “ease of use”.

It is true that it is easy to use but Android phones are not difficult to use too. I have used iDevices in the past and found that its simplicity is in fact limiting. You can have a mid-end phone and overclock it using Android rooting techniques and you’d be getting flagship performance. You can’t do that on an iPhone 5C.

With its massive price, I still think the iPhone is not bang for our bucks. I mean the phone is totally not bad as it has its strong points but with Android you wouldn’t need to pay top dollar to get a phone that does everything that the iPhone can do. Take for example a Motorola E 4G which is priced at a measly £77 pounds, this phone can be optimized using Android rooting methods and could perform at a top tier level. Compared to the iPhone 6’s £539 price tag, you’d be saving a lot of money getting the Moto E.

We can’t really dictate people into getting cheaper phones but with how the world rolls today, it is best to have a few extra bucks in our pockets.

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