Smartphone 2015 Sales Figures


The numbers are out.  Sales reports from smartphone manufacturing companies have just been released and it turns out that Samsung, the Korean manufacturing giant, has retained the top spot in terms of units sold. It has sold about 399.5 million smartphone units which is about a 5.7% increase from last year’s units sold. We are not sure if Samsung has seen an increase on their profits though. Last year Samsung’s stockholders were not at all pleased even though they sold a lot of units because their profit was  minimal.  The company had to slash their prices a bit on their low end to mid end units to compete with Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO. Samsung’s product line is a bit more favorable for techies and power users as they have a huge android rooting support community.

Apple, the Silicon Valley trailblazer, has also sold 20.2% more units than on 2014. Their sales number skyrocketed after the release of their flagship phone, the iPhone 6S, last December 2015 and reached up to 231.5 million units. Their high volume sales also translated to high profits as they posted an $18 billion profit from October to December 2015.

Third on the list is the manufacturer from China, Huawei. The company has sold 106.6 million units for 2015 which has grown a whopping 44.3% from units sold on 2014. Its market share has also rose to 7.4%. The boost in sales came in as a result of their product line revamp and pretty sleek innovation for their flagship phone the Huawei P8.  Not only did they put better phones on the market, they also made android rooting for their phones easier with customs ROM support so their customer base expanded.

Lenovo came in at fourth place in terms of units sold. They were able to dispatch 74.0 million android smartphone units last year which was 24.5% better than last year. Looks like Lenovo is gaining ground against Huawei and it is crawling bit by bit to claim more market share on the smartphone industry. I have to give it to this company for making good and sleek looking devices, always doing things the unconventional way. Android rooting support has also been good for Lenovo phones.

Xiaomi came in at fifth with 70.8 million units sold. This company has gone a long ways since it first entered the smartphone market and is continuing to grow slowly but surely.

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