LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi Mi 5

It seems that our choices for our next android smartphones have been laid out before our eyes. Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi have already unveiled and released their newest flag carriers. Here comes the problem for us buyers. Most of us, if not all, would like to take  all three android flagship phones home but sadly we can only afford one. If only money was no problem then we could buy all 3 and test them out simultaneously.  It just so happened that we are all not floating in cash so we have to choose one and we have to choose wisely. For now the best choices we have are the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the Xiaomi Mi5.


Let’s start with the LG G5. At first glance, you’d immediately notice that this android flagship phone looks like a cross between the iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S7. It looks elegant rather plain but if you examine it carefully, you’ll see that LG has put the best materials available on this metallic unibody piece of art. All variants have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and the best Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) the Adreno line has to offer. There is no doubt that this is one powerful phone.  But what does this phone have that the others don’t possess? This android phone’s designers worked out ways for it to accept hardware attachments to improve some of the G5’s functions. There is one attachment that enhances the camera and also provides additional battery. LG phones also have good android rooting support.

Samsung’s bet, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is  beast. Speedwise, it performs same if not a bit better than the G5. The Galaxy S7 has the best resolution and screen. If you decide on looks alone, the Galaxy is the clear runaway winner. One takeaway for the S7 is its software. Samsung has always been at the forefront of developing software for android phones. The only lousy software that they have made is their Swiftkey keyboard software. If you want to find a phone that has easy android rooting steps, then Samsung is for you.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to experience having a flagship phone, get the Xiaomi Mi5. Nobody can beat Xiaomi’s pricing. In all smartphone segments, Xiaomi has always priced their phones competitively. The Mi5 also uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as with the G5 and S7. The only drawback about this phone is its software package is not as advanced as its competitor. Android rooting could also be pain with Xiaomi phones.

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