Updated AirDroid, AirMirror to Support Non-Rooted Android

imagesDuring the first days of AirDroid, Screencasting your phone was originally possible but one must comply to the special requirement– rooting. And during those days of AirDroid which a lot of people found it convenient but the process totally changed the scene. However good news to AirDroid avid fans, the latest update brings the said feature back. It is now called as ‘Screenshot’– this screenshot feature already works with non-rooted devices but only to those Android that are powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

The AirDroid v3.1.6 update brings the feature to AirDroid Web and more and yu will notice that the Camera feature’s image quality and speed has greatly improved. Previous issues concerning Contacts and Files preventing actions such as creating new contacts and detecting external SD cards were already fixed and polished. To get started, open Screenshot on AirDroid Web then choose ‘Start Now’ and you can just follow the prompts. And lastly, tick on ‘Don’t show again’ if you don’t want the step to be repeated in the future. Enjoy the feature.

Not just for Android, another related update is also now available on Mac. The AirDroid v3.2.1 update for Mac OS also brings that ability to non-rooted Android devices to take advantage of AirMirror as well which means you can control your Android device right on your computer.


In order to take advantage of AirMirror, rooting your Android is not a requirement as well. No need to root a phone because AirMirror is now improved with such additional support. Are you excited to use AirMirror with your unrooted Android phone? Don’t be in a hurry though, and just make sure you have the latest AirDroid Mac (v3.2.1) and AirDroid Android app (v3.1.6) versions being mentioned a while ago, and set up a few things first to start AirMirror on your phone.

The improvements and bug fixes were made including an optimized CPU usage for AirMirror, better scroll speed, background tasks can be viewed in the app, copying of content in an SMS notification also now allowed, and error in displaying contact photos were also fixed.

Now, just feel free to download the updated AirDroid and AirMirror and ensure that full support is available and accessible all the time.

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