Android Marshmallow Features to Like

Android M

The latest number of Android users across the globe accounts to 1.4 billion people as of now. Nearly 20 percent of the Earth’s population is basically using Google’s Android mobile operating system on a day-to-day basis. Undeniably, Android is the dominant mobile platform being utilized worldwide.

Android Marshmallow

Android has become as popular as the rival iOS, and it isn’t going anywhere in terms of popularity, and with its newest candy-themed OS which is the Android Marshmallow — it’s likely to become an even more attractive option for enterprises and users alike.

Not only does Android 6.0 features a much-improved battery life, but it also has several components that bring out the best in productivity and security in enterprise mobility that aren’t present in the previous versions..

Android-Marshmallow-marshmallows1. More up close integration With Android for Work
Google’s containerized Android for Work platform which was firstly introduced during Lollipop reign, that enables organizations to house corporate data, email, contacts and work apps on a user’s device separately from personal data. With Marshmallow, several new and updated features like the corporate-owned, single-use (COSU) features as well as a remote update management have been introduced for better mobility management across the enterprise.

2. An Introduction of Biometrics
Previously, biometrics and fingerprint scanning were features of specific Android-powered phones or flagship devices only, notably like the Galaxy S6 and Note 4 and other high-end Android devices. With Android Marshmallow, it now brings full support with a native API for devices and apps. For example, say you have a secure email or banking app where you’d like to use your fingerprint to unlock it, the Marshmallow makes it happen bu that doesn’t mean you have to be biometric-oriented; passcodes are still quite passable and usable.

3. App Permissions
In previous Android iterations, the app download process could be a stressful and delaying at times where you have to deal with the list of permissions that could take hours to individually check and uncheck. Marshmallow finally changes that, and now allow the permissions to be requested only when someone uses a specific feature of an app that requires it.

4. Google Now on Tap
Perhaps the most helpful and impressive feature is this Google Now on Tap, which serves up relevant information at the exact right moment. For instance, if you get an email or text from a co-worker regarding a new product with which you’re not too familiar or not really familiar with it. With Google Now on Tap, you can hold down the home button and you’ll get a card or sources with all the information about the particular product, together with quick links to apps with more information.

5. App Backup
Default automatic app backups are another key feature for Android Marshmallow which is also pretty impressive, backing up app data every 24 hours over Wi-Fi. This means if your device is lost or stolen, you can sync the new device to your Google Drive and get all your saved app information from the device and right onto it.

6. App Linking
And finally, the Marshmallow OS comes equipped with a much better awareness around what apps can open what links through the App Links move. Previously, when a user clicked a link on a device, an Open With dialog box popped up with several access options you can choose on what to do. But that changed now to make things more seamless, and links now open in the correct apps without the dialog box, saving time and frustrations.

How to manage Marshmallow devices

Marshmallow is out now and quickly proliferating in organizations. Make sure your enterprise is always ready and your devices are secured with the right enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution aside from security against adware, adware, Trojans, and other destructive weapons. More so, and at first hand, never to root your device because Android rooting frees the destructive malware, adware, or trojans to sneak into the device with ease and contribute to further destruction of not only the Android’s operating system but the Android device itself.

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