Google Android Smartwatches to Match with Apple iPhones


Now options have been offered to those IPhone users who don’t want the new Apple Watch. The new option is the Android devices. You can never go wrong with Android.
The software that powers the Google Inc. And the friendly smartwatches now will integrate with Apple Inc.’s iPhones through a new service. This new option basically enables an iPhone to flawlessly  pair with a smartwatch from LG Electronics Inc., together with those planned from Asustek Computer Inc. and Huawei Technologies well.

Since people have different tastes, options between round and square, sporty, traditional, and classic and all that- so freedom of choice is given for everyone Google is looking for new ways to make its Android Wear and  software more popular as it tries to widen even more the range of functionality and fun and also tries to woo customers from Apple, which released its watch earlier this year. In the second quarter a well known brand, the Cupertino, which is Calif-based rival sold 3.6 million of the devices, or roughly about two-thirds of smart wearables, and Android Wear took about 10 per cent of it.

Android Wear was announced just last year and it’s offering the manufacturers software for their wearable devices. The new offering or shall we call co-lab could primarily  help expand Google’s reach with many iPhone users still without the Apple smartwatch.

Mainly, the new service for the smartwatches with iPhones aims to use some of the most popular features from Android, such as providing alerts or notifications for emails, calendar items and fitness updates. Also,  users can get tips on the status of a flight or weather forecasts with “Google Now”.

However, it won’t have some of the features available on other Android devices, it’s more like exclusive to Android devices, which  includes Google’s maps, third-party apps through the Google Play store and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is said that in the longer term the company will look at what users prefer on iOS and Android devices — it is just and right to prioritize features accordingly while abiding by Apple’s restrictions.

The collaboration between Android and iPhone definitely a new chapter and looking forward to more future offering with these two excites many. And hopefully it still works as great with the rooted Android and Androidwear perhaps.  It’s a great move to unite and not isolate iPhones from Android, it doesn’t sound fun at all where you can have the best of both worlds.

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