Top Apps for Android Wear

Android-WearAs the world is changing and it gets modernity so fast as well,  it’s leading in IT nowadays. It’s getting more high tech as time flies and it’s penetrating in people’s lives. It becomes a necessity; a work companion, for entertainment, and education. Like phones and tablets, watches are also making an advancement to the level we never imagined before. And there are certain measures that maintains the functionality and usefulness of your Android. Thanks to the modernity now you can use top apps for your Android.

By the year 2014, there are a bunch of Android wear or better yet smartwatches launched by the biggest smartphone makers like Apple with its iWatch or LG G watch and all other big brands, and the Android have pretty good response.

Android Wear smartwatches actually  do a good job of delivering notifications and other alerts right to your wrist, or on the go, and with the newest Android Wear 5.1.1 software update things and the experience only gets better if not the best yet. You can experience the features like WiFi connectivity, gesture controls and the always-on watch screen will compliment the fun you can have when you download these amazing apps to your smartwatch. Although the selection of Android Wear apps is fewer compared to the smartphones and tablets for now, but there are already some pretty compelling choices in the Google Play store. Simple as that, life is made even more easier, you can order food, control the lights in your home, keep tabs on your fitness and more, just right from your watch.

Before anything else, you have to download the full apps to your Android phone first. You don’t have to worry on expenses because it’s the best part- most of these options are for free. All you need is to make sure you’ve set up an account in each service before you open the apps on the smartwatch. Below are the following tops apps for your Android wear.

nexusae0_unnamed-1_thumb3Wear Aware

If you’re really forgetful and constantly forgets where you left of your things especially your smartphone, this app can definitely help you with that issue. Well you can’t chain your device to your pockets, obviously. This Wear Aware app makes your smartwatch to buzz whenever your phone goes out of rang3from your smartwatch, simple as that. And forgetting constantly your smartphone, definitely you need a little helper to find it. You can command your smartwatch to start blasting an alarm. But if you still can’t find it, then it’s time to call more help which you can’t just rely on the apps alone.


This is s really useful. This app is easy, it drops an easy-access calculator on your smartwatch. It gives you ultimate power to manipulate numbers on your wrist without grabbing an actual calculator or your smartphone perhaps to compute things. All you need is to flip to flip your wrist and get ready to do the math.

2At Work App

This app simply lets you track how much time you spent on certain things, tasks, work, and others by simply punching in everytime you start your day at work and punch out at the end of the work day or when you’re done. Punching in and out, just it. The At Work app gives you indication on how much time you’ve spent (or wasted) at the end. Business people and freelancers may find this app really useful.

1Hue Control

If you own a fancy Philips’ $200 LED light bulb sets, and you definitely don’t want to go through sme huge complicated process to turn your lights on and off, this app might suits your need. But  even unlocking your phone and tapping shortcuts are a lot of steps. The Hue Control amazingly turns on and off your lights just by simply tapping your Android wear. So simple gesture yet very impressive and fancy.

4Pizza Navigator

This app is simply delicious (amazing rather). This is a great or greatest app you’ll ever want to install in your smartwatch. The Pizza Navigator points out the direction and distance to the place where you can buy pizza. Sure college students, foot tripper or blogger or anyone who loves pizza find it very helpful and appetite-teaser.

Sure by now, your smartwatch is filled up with awesome and great apps you ever wanted for any specific task from checking the weather to getting news updates to controlling your phone and lights, to satisfying your hunger, your wristpiece is much more powerful now than it was when you first bought it. As the time goes, also the platform continues to grow and it sure to be  even more innovative these apps hit the market. With all the gadgets we need to fill our every need, though not necessary, but very enticing and capturing to own one, and maybe now  is an exciting time to own this new technology!

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