How-To: Rooting the LG Optimus F3

maxresdefaultAs one of the people baffled with the reeling over production of big sized smartphones in the market nowadays, it’s somehow relieving to see a compact device like the LG Optimus F3 coming out from the pipeline occasionally. The LG has garnering headlines for their growing collection of big screen phones like the LG Optimus G Pro which is 5.5-inch in size.

However, the Optimus F3 isn’t one of them; with only 4 inches with 800 x 480 pixel screen, it’s one of the smallest budget ranged smartphones, and is definitely a good deal for those who are in a tight budget. Aside from being light and handy, it runs on Android Jelly Bean v4.1.2 which comes with a number of Google services such as, Chrome, Gmail, Latitude, Plus, Local, Maps with Navigation, Search, Messenger, Talk, Shopper, and Youtube. The fun includes the Google Play store for Books, Movies and TV, Magazines, and Music. Powering it is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8930 dual-core 1.2GHz, backed up with 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory with storage user-accessible up to 32GB via microSD card. Another thumbs up for the excellent 2,460mAh battery with life lasts up to an impressive 9.98 hours run time. The LG Optimus F3 is an ultraportable and neat Android handset and a price that doesn’t rip off your pocket-it’s a good choice though.

However, there are some brow-raising spec issues that usually comes with the pack. Good thing, you can do some little interface tweaking through rooting to optimize Android experience with LG.
Rooting Your LG Optimus F3

For the low-cost and budget ranged devices, rooting is the best alternative solution than buying a better new one. A little interface tweaking with One Click Root doesn’t cost you that much. Also with One Click Root, rooting is simplified into few steps, rooting made quick and easy so rooting your LG Optimus F3 is just few click moves away.

A. Download and install One Click Root into your computer.

B. Simply connect your LG Optimus F3 into your computer using a standard USB cable.

C. Your Optimus F3 needs to be in USB debugging mode, so open the ‘Developer options’ and enable USB debugging.

D. Lastly, run One Click Root by clicking the ‘Root’ button, and let the software completes the remaining tasks.

After running the One Click Root, the software will do the rest of the work for you, it will complete the remaining tasks. The device reboots several times before finally rebooting to the rooted Android level. Once rooted, there’s no major visual changes on the device, though there are possibilities to customize the device to the way you want.


What to expect once rooted?

If you want to make a little out of it, you can always resort to rooting and given what rooting can offer at the end of the line, many tech bluffs and geeks undoubtedly achieved the rooted state they’ve always aimed for. Android rooting entails some degree of risks and dangers; it can brick your device and leave you with inoperative paralyzed useless device. But rooting with the right method guarantees an open opportunities of more fun and exciting Android experience like no other.

With the rooted Android, you can have cheerful unrestraint device. With the LG Optimus F3’s case, there’s nothing terribly new with the experience here since it has the same LG UI skin running on top of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. But with some latest enhancements like the QSlide function, though it’s quite innovative and latest, its cramped layouts is somehow tough and difficult to get used to. However, you can change the stock Optimus UI 3.0 with the UI of your preference. Not only you can tweak the visual aspect of the rooted device, you can also boost its speed and performance, though, 1.2GHz is ample for all the basic task, but it struggles with more advanced operations. The level of customization of the rooted Android is almost limitless. With some tweaking, your rooted LG Optimus F3 could be a lot better more functional than the defaulted one. So you’ll get not just a little, but a lot more out of it.

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