How-To: Rooting Xiaomi Mi 4

Root-Xiaomi-Mi4Xiaomi originated from China is one of the fastest leading brand in smartphones in the market which is branching out fast to other countries. Their marketing description is “The fastest and the most gorgeous Mi phone ever” and has been has been available to the market last year. Xiaomi Mi 4 was considered as similar to Apple iPhone and the best smartphone available in the market.

Mi 4 is built with high-end hardware at a more reasonable price. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974-AC) chipset with 2.5 GHz quad-core and 3 GB RAM. Internal memory comes with 16 or 64 GB with Adreno 330 graphics card. It has 3080 mAh battery that can provide 280 hours of standby time. Xiaomi M4 runs with MIUI 5 which can be upgraded to MIUI 6. MIUI is the same as Android Operating systems.  The same as Android systems, MIUI is based on the concept of direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures. It runs basically the same with Android Systems.

You may find applications that we don’t use since the original developer is from China. We can replace other applications with our own choice by rooting Xiaomi Mi 4.

Rooting Your Xiaomi Mi 4

Most of us are not familiar with the MIUI interface. We may not like some features or applications that are pre-installed in the device. We may want to customize and personalize our Mi 4 up to our satisfaction. Yes we can! All we need is a Rooted Mi 4. Here are simple steps rooting Xiaomi Mi 4 and to provide M4 with admin rights.

1.    Download and install One Click Root to your computer.
2.    Download and install Xiaomi Mi 4 driver to your computer.
3.    Open the ‘Developer Options’ and enable USB debugging.
4.    Connect your Xiaomi Mi 4 to your pc through standard USB cable.
5.    Run One Click Root and let the software finishes the remaining steps.

Your phone may restart several times while rooting it. Don’t worry it is normal. You will not also see changes on your phone once it finishes installing One Click Root. You can tell that your Xiaomi Mi 4 is rooted when you can uninstall pre-loaded applications with the device.

10557115_270559316481503_3122212643519864272_oWhat do I get after I got rooted?

Uninstalling applications that you don’t use will free space from your Mi 4. It also reduces the applications that are automatically running at the back ground that consumes a lot of RAM. Moreover you can replace applications you even like. Just be very careful in uninstalling some system applications and deleting files because accidents happen and worst, it could brick your phone. With the right skills and right rooting method, rooting could be the most unregretable Android rooting experience and will help you in customizing your Xiaomi Mi 4 in the way you’ve always wanted.

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