How-To: Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon

samsung-galaxy-s5-review-1The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an Android smartphone from one of the most renowned electronic manufacturer, Samsung Electronics. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been unveiled at the Mobile World on February 24, 2014 and was officially released on April 11, 2014 in over 150 countries as the immediate successor of the Galaxy S4. The S5 showcased dramatic revolution from the prior model, emphasizing an improved build and IP67 certification for dust and water resistance, also featuring a more refined user experience with new security such as fingerprint reader and private mode, also with built-in heart rate monitor and most interestingly, an updated camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has seemed to please the world and received more positive reviews. The handset was praised for its display, hardware, camera, and most importantly its impressive battery life, however it was criticized for its plastic design, bloated software and the said inconsistent fingerprint scanner which was the key feature of this handset.

But good thing there are available fixes to all the Samsung Galaxy S5 issues, and that is through rooting.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon

800x527xSamsung-Galaxy-S5-Root-All-variants.jpg.pagespeed.ic.o_DSWAJpw6Rooting as known to some as tricky and risky, but it’s surprisingly easy as well. Rooting any device such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4 with this ultimate rooting tool, you’ll get root the right way, and with less or little work.

To set you at ease, this rooting tool guarantees safety at 100% level and offers extensive root support for your the Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon, along with the provision of protection for your device all throughout the rooting process.

Android rooting with this rooting tool makes your life even better and easier. There’s no need to go through complicated steps and instruction manuals anymore, you can get root with few quick and easy steps.  Getting that rooted state you’ve been dreaming of is just few clicks away. Below are the easy and comprehensive steps in rooting you the Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon.

Step 1.) Download and install One Click Root into your computer.
Step 2.) Connect you Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon to your computer via the standard USB cable.
Step 3.) Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon
Step 4.) Run One Click Root.

Immediately, after the 4th step, the software itself will do the work for you and completes the remaining steps. Simply it runs through the commands that give root access to your device. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon will reboot a few times before rebooting into a rooted Android environment.  Once rooted, you’ll get to discover a whole new world of potential for your Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon.

I got root. What now?

Now, you have a lot more capacitive Samsung Galaxy S5 (sm-g900v) Verizon. With the rooted S5, you can now have a lot to discover around; you can now get access to blocked features which normally inaccessible to regular users.

You may want to change the Samsung TouchWiz interface, yes, you can now. TouchWiz isn’t really that appealing and it feels slow. With this rooted device, you can easily install custom ROM of your preference, a custom ROM that enables you to customize everything and get the impression like a brand new smartphone.

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