Why You Must Root your LG G4

LG G4Do you’ve plans to root your LG G4? Every day, a huge number of Android users around the world root their Android tablets and smartphones to have some amazing advantages.

You will have limited activities on your LG G4 after buying it. However, if you have a rooted LG G4, the activities that you will get to enjoy will be fun and almost infinite. This method is quite easy to do. You will find several software and tools like One Click Root to help you.

Once done with the rooting process, you’ll see that both your home display and wallpaper will remain the same. Every thing will look the same. You might even conclude that the rooting was not successful.

Thankfully, you can simply check if your LG G4 was successfully rooted by downloading an application like Root Checker for free.

You will be having so much fun once your phone has been rooted.

Top 6 Factors to Root the LG G4

android-5-0-lollipop(6) The installation of the newest Android version

One of several issues with Android is that customers have to wait for manufacturers and carriers to update Android before they can download the latest version. You must wait for it relentlessly and you might not even get an update at all..

This difficulty is instantly solved with LG G4 Rooting. It’s even possible to set up customized ROM that includes the most up to date build. You do not have to be a tech genius to root your device.

5) CPU Performance Advancement

Are you jealous of others who’re using effective Androids? One of the popular advantages of rooting the LG G4 is improving CPU performance.
The speed of your device can also be significantly enhanced with the use of certain apps like SetCPU. It allows you to switch between various apps easily and smoothly. The CPU of your device can be overlocked.

SetCPU also underclocks the CPU when additional performance isn’t required, which will help you save plenty of battery life.

boost your battery4) Boost Battery

The battery life of your telephone can be increased to almost 30 minutes by utilizing an application known as SetCPU. There are several benefits that you can enjoy.

With regards to batter life extension, there are plenty of other apps accessible such as Greenify and JuiceDefender. The apps that are working quietly will be frozen by Greenify particularly if your CPU is not using it or if you are not using it. JuiceDefender intelligently targets certain applications that suck more battery life than others. Using them will give you up to 3 hours additional batter life.

Android Enhancement3) Backup Feature is Greatly Enhanced

A non-rooted phone can only back up particular set of files. The calendar, apps and other data are automatically backed up by Google. By utilizing an application called Titanium Backup, all of your files are going to be backed up.

Titanium back up works by having a picture of all things, files, applications and settings of your phone. By using this app will allow you to restore it back to the setting during the time that you used this Titanium Backup app. Phone setting and file restoration won’t be a trouble with this application. You?ll have your phone?s settings restored to a state prior to the alteration.

2) Personalize Phone

LG G4s may be tailored based on your needs and preferences unlike other kinds of phones. Take iPhone for instance. Only the wallpaper can be altered. This fact about Android is true only at some point. It is simply true if they’ve a rooted device.

Phone personalization is possible with rooting. Change your vibration strength. Display color palette may also be changed. Resolution modification enabled. It enables the set up of an up to date and customized ROM that can make your LG G4 look like an iPhone.

bloatware removeval1) Allows Bloatware Removal

Your android phone will almost always have bloatware installed. You cannot uninstall these apps if your device is not rooted. Manufacturers do so for their users to see or even be forced to use the bloatware that they’ve set up in the device.

You can uninstall these bothersome bloatware if you root your LG G4. You will surely appreciate the items that you can do on your phone once you decide to do this. Some of it include better CPU performance, extended life of the battery and cleaner phone. You can only take benefit of all these if you root your phone.

Ready to Root your LG G4?

This process is incredibly simple and safe. During the earlier days of Android, rooting was considered harmful. Before, one wrong move during the process can make you end up with a brick device. You do not have to worry about this any longer. If you want, you can do this anytime.

Once you?re done rooting your device, you may opt to join clubs comprising of android users who has rooted their devices. They will help you get began with your recently rooted phone or tablet.

Now is the right time to root your LG G4. You’ll get to enjoy several benefits apart from the ones mentioned above.

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